Transsexual HeartBreakers 2 - Gia Darling Productions2000

Gia Darling, Shara, Nicole, Gina, Alisa

You can never go wrong when you buy or rent a Gia Darling video. You would usually say that at the end of a review. But, I am saying it now because this video is as good as it gets. Gia always surround herself and in her videos with beautiful ladies. As you can see from the boxcover that is true in this case as well. Also what makes this video totally great is the first time performance of TS Superstar Gina since her SRS. Lets just say, Gina is as hot as ever. Lets get to the review. Just as in the first TS Heart Breakers video. We find Gia introducing each each scene and also giving a little background on each lady.

The first scene stars Shara and her boyfriend. Shara is one hot piece of ass. These two really heat things up right off the bat. She gives him a real hot blowjob and he returns the favor and gives her one. Then Shara stands up and bends over a sofa. Her boyfriends comes up behind her and slams his cock deep into her WOW!! He fucks her slow and real deep. WOW!! They change positions a few times with Shara ending up on her back and her boyfriend on top of her pounding away. The encounter ends with the boyfriend cumming on Shara.

The next scene stars two of the superstars of TS adult videos Gia and Gina. What also makes this a must see encounter is that now Gina is a post-op lady. I must say it does take awhile to get used to seeing Gina without her hot member. Their encounter begins with Gina showing the camera her new pussy. Then Gina starts to give Gia a hot blowjob. Gia then goes down on Gina's brand new pussy. Gina then climbs on top of Gia's cock while Gia is flat on her back. Gina begins to ride Gia's cock hard. Can you say WOW! They change positions a few times with Gina on her back and Gia fucking her hard. Also Gia fucks Gina's new pussy doggy-style WOW!. The encounter ends with Gia cumming on Gina. Totally Awesome Stuff.

The next encounter stars Nicole and Paul Morgan. What a honey Nicole is. This is another hot encounter where the sex is fantastic. These two start off hot and keep it going throughout the whole scene. Paul bangs Nicole doggy style and and while Paul is sitting and Nicole is on his cock riding it hard. Their encounter ends when Paul cums on Nicole tits.

Last but not least is a solo effort by Alisa. She is a very beautiful lady with huge tits and a big cock. This fine lady masturbates and use a toy on herself while looking at you through the camera. What an AWESOME video. It is worthy to be called a Gia Darling production.

Five out of five stars