Transsexual Beauty Queens #11 - Androgeny 2000

Nicole, Sarah, Racquel, Claudia

Trannsexual Beauty Queens #11 is another great video in a series of excellent videos.The ladies are always hot and beautiful. The sex is fantastic and shot very well.

The video starts out with Nicole in a very hot masturbation scene. This is sooo damn hot. She poses and strips and jerks off. At the end she cums all over herself. Totally hot stuff.

The next scene we see is a new hot babe name Sarah get fucked real hard. First she gives this guy one hell of a hot blowjob. Then We see him fucking her doggy style. She is taking every inch of this guy's big cock. Then the guy is sitting back in a chair and Sarah has impaled herself on his cock. She is riding it up and down sometimes fast and sometimes slow. He then pulls out of her and Sarah begins to suck his cock again. She sucks his cock until he cums on her tits. WOW!!

Next we see Raquel and Paul Morgan. Paul wants to interview her for a position as a dancer for his night club. The interview begins with Racquel dancing for Paul. She does a very hot strip for him. Then Paul pulls her toward the sofa and pulls down her panties and begins to give her a long slow blow job. All the sucking by Paul has made him real hard because he Slides her up until she is on her back. Then Paul slams his cock deep into her. They fuck like that for awhile until Paul moves around her and is now fucking her from behind while Racquel is on her side. Next we see Racquel on all fours and Paul is banging her ass hard. She really loves what Paul is doing because she tells him to fuck her harder and faster. Plus she also cums while Paul is pounding her ass. Then in the next scene everything has changed. Paul is now on his back and Racquel is fucking him. This lady is really getting into it. She fucks his ass hard. The scene finally ends with Paul cumming on her big tits.

The last scene we see Claudia talking to the camera and playing with her body and tits. Wee see a Black guy look through a window at her. She is so into herself that see does not notice him when he walk in on her. He asks if he could join her. Of course she says yes. He starts right in by sucking on those big puppies of hers. That is when Caludia pulls out that big cock of hers and he is taken back. He does not know she is a transsexual. But, that does not stop him. Claudia begings to give a him a hot blow job. She sucks him until he is hard. Then Claudia bends over a arm of a chair and the guy is behind her pounding her ass. Then Claudia is on him while on the arm of the chair and the guy is between her legs fucking her ass. The next scene the guy is sitting in the chair and Claudia is on his cock riding it up and down slowly. The scene ends with Claudia sucking his cock until he cums in her mouth. WOW!! This is a must for those who love this series and for anyone else..

Five out of five stars