SheNanigans - Sunshine Films 2000

Lilliene Li, Ghia Christiansen, Danielle Chambers

The first thing you will say to yourself after you finish viewing this video will be "when will the next video be out?". That is how awesome this tape is. Right off the bat you have four of the most beautiful and hottest ladies around.

Lilienne is the host of this video. She introduces us to each segment and in two cases interviews the ladies who star in that segment. Each encounter is sort of a fantasy that each lady has or something that has happen to them in the past..

The first lady up is Danielle. She tells Lilienne about meeting a guy in a club who did not know she was a transsexual. She tells Lilienne when he reached between her legs and found her cock it really turned him on. The scene then switches to Danielle and the guy back at Danielle's or his home. That is when the fun begins. After Danielle give him a hot blow job, she gets one very hot ass banging. This guy gets Danielle down on all fours and fucks her ass hard. I must say I have seen Danielle in a few other videos. This is the first time I have seen Danielle getting fucked like that. WOW!! Now that scene is worth the price of this video. The action ends with the guy cumming all over Danielle tits.

The next person that Lilienne interviews is Johanna. She tell Lilienne about a time when she was in New York City. She was warned by friends not to take the subway. But, one day she got so curious about the NYC subway that she decided to go see what they were all about. The scene switches to Johanna in a subway car sitting across a guy who is checking her out. After all of the rest of the passengers leave the car. It is just Johanna and the guy sitting across from her in the subway car. The guy moves closer to Johanna and all sex breaks out. Johanna then begins to give him a blow job.. He returns the favor and gives her one. The guy bends over and Johanna stands behind him and bangs his ass hard. After a good hard fuck. They change and now Johanna is bending this guy bangs her ass very hard. WOW!! They change positions once again and the scene ends with the guy cumming on Johanna tits.

The next scene we see the very sexy Ghia getting her ass fucked up, down and sideways by Drew Andrews. When she is on her back and Drew is on top of her..! WOW!! What an ass fucking. The scene ends with Drew cumming on her belly.

The last scene stars Lilienne herself. She tells us about an encounter she had with a man she just met. Lets just say the sex is outstanding between these two. You can not take your eyes off of Lilienne. She is just one of the finest ladies around... I can not wait to see the next video in this potentially great series. Please more..!