She is Gorgeous - SunShine Films 2000

Alessandra, Karen, Yuri, Baloloo, Izabela, Barbara

This is a great video with five very hot scenes. I am not saying this becuase it is a Brazilian Shemale video. No, it is just a hot and very sexy tape.

The first encounter is a threesome starring Karen, Yuri who looks soo damn hot with her new big breasts and a lucky guy. Karen is used as a fuck toy between Yuri and the guy. They both take turns banging the hell out of her ass. Lets just say Karen gets a total ass fucking. The best scene is when Yuri is flat on her back on top of a table and Karen is on top of her riding her cock. WOW!! Almost through the whole time Karen is getting fuck by the both of them, She gets and stays real hard. The guy gets his chance to fuck her hard doggy style. The encounter ends with both Yuri and the guy cumming on Karen.

The next scene we see a new babe Baloloo fuck some guy up the ass hard. These two meet outside in what looks like a walk way. The guy is wearing what look like a police officer uniform. He questions Baloloo about something. But, that ends quickly and we see him giving Baloloo a hot blow job. She does suck his cock some in return. The next scene we see him on all fours and Baloloo is behind him pounding his ass. Baloloo is giving that officer some real police brutality on his ass. The both of them then move to a chair were Baloloo sits down and he sits on her lap taking all of her cock into him.. WOW! He pounds himself with her cock. They change positions a few more few times. The encounter ends with Baloloo cumming on the guy.

The next encounter stars Izabela who is a thin very pretty lady. She gets her ass pounded very hard and long. The guy she is with fucks her doggy style and while she is on her back. The best scene is when she is getting fucked missionary style. Very Hot Stuff..! The scene ends with the guy cumming on her tits.

The next scene stars Barbara who is a very hot lady with one very ample ass. There is allot of cushion for the pushin’. We see Barbara and a guy talking and walking outside on a patio next to a very big swimming pool. I must say this. Damn she looks great....! Ok, back to the review. They stop walking and she begins to point out something to the guy. All he is looking at is her ample ass. Barbara notices him looking at her ass and with that it does not take long for the action to begin. Barbara begins sucking on his cock real hot and slow.. She sucks him until he is very hard. The next shot we see Barbara standing with her ample butt sticking out and the guy is behind her plowing his cock deep into her ass. He is pounding her ass hard. Then they move to a chair and now Barbara is riding his cock hard.. WOW!! They change position a few times ending up with on her hands and knees as the guy is fucking her hard. The encounter ends with the guy cumming on Barbara’s tits.

The last scene stars Alessandra who is another lady with brand new tits. She also gets her ass pounded by a lucky guy. These two fuck long and sometimes hard. They change positions a few times with the hottest being when he is pounding her ass doggy style. This is a very hot video.. A must for all of you Brazilian Shemale fans.

Five out of five star