Rent a Trannie - Seduction 2000

Meghan Chavalier, Lori Turner, Anastasia

I loved this video. Not only does it have one great encounter after another. It is also very funny. Meghan will have you cracking up. The video starts off with Meghan's new roommate Anastasia bringing home a guy and having very loud sex with him. This time Anastasia has bought home Lannie. Lannie bangs Anastasia's tight ass long and hard. After they make out some. Anastasia sucks Lannie's cock until he is real hard. Then we see Anastasia on her back and Lannie is fucking her ass hard. WOW He is pounding her ass. Then they change and now Anastasia is on all fours and getting fucked hard. The encounter ends when Lannie pulls out and cums on Anastasia tits. HOT STUFF!!. After the encounter Anastasia goes and talks to Meghan who promptly tells her to pack her things and get out because she is bringing guys' home and fucking and making too much noise. The next scene we see Lori and Chance coming into the apartment. Lori is showing Chance around the apartment. But. he is there for something else. It does not take them long to jump down onto the sofa and begin to make out. Lori has now unzipped his pants and is sucking hard on his cock. She is working to give Chance a chance to get real hard. Chance then moves Lori so that she is not on her back laying on the sofa. Chance gets in between her legs and slams his cock into her very deep. He then begins to pound her ass. WOW!! They change positions and now Chance is sitting back on the sofa and Lori is on top of his cock riding it like crazy. She is using his cock like a dildo and is fucking herself hard. It get so good to her that she begin to make strange sounds. The encounter end with Chance cumming on Lori's lips and mouth. Very HOT Stuff..! Next we see Meghan on the phone calling a agency for another roommate. This time they send over a guy Dirk. When he gets to the apartment, Meghan shows him around. Listen to Meghan's sexual innuendoes about some of the appliances in the kitchen. She has some great lines. Then the action begins. First she asks Dirk if he likes whip cream. She gives him some. Next Dirk takes off what he is wearing and Meghan sprays whip cream on his cock. She then licks and sucks it off.. Very Hot. Dirk then does that to Meghan cock and sucks and licks it clean. After both of them are hard. Dirk is now fucking Meghan hot ass doggy style. He bangs Meghan while her head in the trash can and in the over.. Then Meghan lays across the table and Dirk is between her legs pounding her ass. The encounter ends with Meghan cumming on herself and Dirk cumming on Meghan's lips. Next both Dirks and Meghan are sitting on the sofa and that is when Meghan's friend Angela shows up at the door. After she is invited in Meghan offers her a drink but there's nothing in the house. So Meghan goes out to the store. As soon as she leave. Angela and Dirk can't keep there hands off each other. First Angela unzips Dirks pants and begins to suck on his cock. She sucks his cock until he is hard. Then Angela gets on her hands and knees on the sofa and Dirk comes up behind her and slams his cock home. He starts to fuck Angela's ass hard. WOW! They change positions and now Angela is on her back and Dirk is pound her ass hard again. Their encounter ends with Dirk cumming on Angela. Meghan is back from the store to see what just took place and throws both of them out. WHAT A VIDEO... This one is a must..