Drag Queen Boulevard - He Girl Video 1999

Brittany Cox, Kimberly DeVine, Crystal Crawford, Buffy Sommers, Drew Andrews, Cody Tyler, B. Cota

What a interesting video this is. It has one of the few rare scenes where you will see the very hot and very sexy Kimberly DeVine getting fucked. That right my friends. We actual see Kimberly taking a big cock up her very hot, hot ass. As you may have seen in the majority of videos that Kimberly DeVine has stared in. She was all ways the one who is fucking the guy. This time it is the other way around. The lucky guy who get the pleasure of getting most of that hot ass is Cody Tyler. Their scene begins with Kimberly giving Cody a very hot blow job. Next Cody returns the favor and give Kimberly one right back. Then turns around on the bed, get on all fours and Cody eases his cock into her.. WOW!! He begins to bang her pretty good. They stop and Kimberly flips over onto her back and Cody picks up were he left off. Kimberly seems like she is enjoying every second of the encounter. The scene ends with Cody pulling out and cumming on Kimberly tits. Now that was worth the price of this tape.

There is another scene that I like very much. It stars Brittany Cox and Drew Andrews. Brittany has one of the finest ass you will every see on any babe let alone any tranny. She has an ass that would stop traffic and Drew gets to stick his big cock deep into it. The scene begins with Drew and Brittany conversing about something. Then Brittany moves closer to Drew and he begins to suck on her cock. He sucks it until Brittany is very hard. Brittany then bends down and begins to suck on Drew’s cock. She sucks his cock until he gets very hard. Britanny then kneels onto the couch that Drew was sitting on. She lifts that beautiful ass out to him and Drew Slams his cock deep into her. They fuck like that for awhile. Then Drew flips Brittany over onto her back and Jumps right back into her ass. The scene ends with Drew cumming on Brittany's belly. WOW!! There are two more good scenes with Buffy getting her ass fucked by a guy and Crystal getting the same.

I would say this is a four stars out of five video.