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This is a great Paysite!  The webmaster is named Chris, and he does a very good job producing one of the top sites on the web.  This is the first site that I ever saw Angel on.  Chris has had some of the top shemale stars on his site, and they keep getting hotter every month!   

Membership: You need a credit card, online check, 900 number or pay by mail.   Cost is $29.95 per month.  

Update Frequency: Every Week!  and now he is talking about every day!!  Normally you get about 4 pictorials per update on a weekly basis.  

Update Size: Very nice.  Generally there are about 4 pictorials, each having around 30+ pictures.  That works out to about 480+ photos per month! 

Quality of material: SWEET!  This is all ORIGINAL material!   Shemales XXX has been one of the top Tgirl sites for years.  We are talking some very high quality pictures.  The last update with Chanel had several wallpaper size pictures (in fact, one is my wallpaper right now).   

Overall Content: MAGNIFICENT!!  This is one of the best sites on the internet.  Chris has put a lot of effort into this site and it shows.  Weekly updates, large, clear pictures.  WIth everything you could ask for.  This site has Angel, Tonya, Chanel, Sapphire, Shawna, Kimberly Divine, Gina, Gia, Venus, etc.  and it keeps getting better!  Usually I complain about pictures size - not here!  Want streaming video... Chris has it.  Want fiction, Articals, shemale art, contact information?  Chris has it all.  This is a very good site. 

What would I change?:  I would lessen the price.  Really 29.95 is not bad for what you get, but I would be even happier if it was less.  The site has some great stuff, picture quality is getting better and better and the size is getting nice and big... not really much for me to improve on.  Way to go Chris!

Overall Opinion: You owe it to yourself to try this site out.  Very nice archive of pictures, nice stuff.  Weekly updates, streaming video, etc.  This site is one of my favorites. 

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Hey!! What about some sample material?

    Glad you are some sample photos from Shemale XXX.... used with permission....

Tonya and Angel




Nikki/Diane Shoots


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