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When I heard that Sylvia Boots was opening her own website, I was elated.  Sylvia is very hot.  I think I first saw her on Bob's Tgirls.  Man what a woman!!  Since then I have been a big fan of hers.  I think the web site is run by her boyfriend.   

Membership: You need a credit card, online check.   Cost is $19.95 per month, which is pretty much standard.  

Update Frequency: Hmmm.  Okay, you get a new picture of the day everyday. (duh) A new layout every other Friday.  They also upload about 2 video files per update. 

Update Size: You get around one to two layouts per update, with an average of 30 pictures per layout.   You also get two video files per update.

Quality of material: Very Nice. This is all ORIGINAL material.  You can not find these pictures any where else.  The webmaster is the Photographer.  He was a professional photographer for years.  It shows. Very clean pictures.  Nice layouts.  Pretty girls.  So far no ugly girls on the site at all. :-)

So, the photo quality is good.  Some of the pictures have that Playboy look.  Heck, Vo has never looked better.  The set with her in chains gives me a woody every time I see it. ;-) 

Overall Content: Great.  High quality Pictures, nice videos, hot stories.  Not too bad for a personal site.   Plus it is still young.  Who knows what it will grow into?  Again, you are getting the work of a professional photographer.  Rare on most Tgirl sites.  In fact, the only other sites that have a professional photographer is probably Androgeny Online and Tgirls Online.

The webmaster (Sylvia's Boyfriend - the lucky guy) feels that the video is what sets this site apart from other Tgirl sites.  It is true that he has lots of video files online.  Original files at that.  These are not movie clips - they are unique.  The quality is second to none, and the material is hot enough to get a rise out of a corpse!  If you are looking for a site with some hot shemale video - this is the one!

What would I change?: Make the pictures and videos LARGER.  Okay, I know that I am greedy.  I have discussed this issue with the webmaster, and he feels that the pictures size is a compromise over download speed.  I can see his point.  BUT I have fast access.  I want bigger stuff.  And even when I had a 56k dial up, I still wanted bigger pictures.  :-)

Overall Opinion: If you are a fan of Sylvia Boots, this is a good site to join.  If enough subscribers ask for larger pictures, maybe the webmaster will comply - then this site will rock.  3.95 for a trial membership and 19.95 after that is not bad, but I think it is high for the size to dollar ratio. 

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Hey!! What about some sample material?

Here is the deal.... These pictures are used with permission.  PLUS he gave me some really cool special pictures (nude) that I am going to put on the review at Climax... maybe on my review fan club.....


The Beautiful Sylvia Boots

Kimberly Divine

Vo D'Balm


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