Transsexual Web SIte Review


Okay, so why am I doing site reviews?  Well, because I could not find any site that gave unbiased or good reviews of the various pay sites.  I ended up joining sites and getting ripped off because of poor content.  I have seen a few sites that had reviews, but I disagree with their opinions.  :-)  So, I decided to make a review site of my own.  I contacted a couple of sites and told them that I was reviewing them, and asked to use some sample content.  I ended up talking with the webmaster for  and (which happens to be two of my favorite sites).  It seems that he was busy making his next site, and wanted to offer website reviews.  He liked my format, etc. and offered me the chance to do his reviews.  Too cool!  So, here I am.  My first two reviews are for and   These were the two first sites for review on my own page.  

During the next few months I will review some of the top shemale pay sites.  We offer this service to help you make an informed decision prior to joining any site.  Some of the sites I plan on reviewing are:  Bobs T-girls, ShemaleXXX, Tgirls Online,, TS Metro, Tonya World, Foxy Angel, etc.  I will try to get permission to put sample images from each of these sites to let you look before you leap.

What makes a good site?  Okay, this is how I base my opinions: 

1) Original Content.  I prefer sites that offer all new, original content.  It really makes me mad when people charge for the same pictures that has been floating around the newsgroups for years.   You join a site thinking it will have great stuff, and all you get is crappy pictures that you have already. :-(

2) Quality of Content.  You can have original content, but if the pictures suck, the site sucks!

3) Update Frequency.  I think a good site is one that updates frequently, at least twice a month.  I can live with a monthly update if it is sizeable, but if all you get is about 30 pictures a month...that is obscene!

4) Multimedia.  I love multimedia!  Video clips rock!  Again, good clips with high quality get higher marks than small, grainy clips.

5) Quality if the Models.  You can have a site of all original, high quality pictures, videos, etc. but if the models look like they could play fullback for a professional football team - You Suck!

6) Other bonuses.  Streaming video, Online store, Screensavers, Wallpaper, etc.  

Comments?  Sites you recommend? Disagree with me?

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