Gia Darling XXX

It is no accident that this is my first site to review.  I love Gia Darling!  The woman is incredible.  Beautiful does not quite seem to be enough to describe her.  She has been featured in Straight magazines such as Hustler and Leg Sex.  Score Magazine online has a section of Transsexuals in its forbidden zone, where Gia is a major factor.  She is also an accomplished director and actress in her adult movies.   Her site is very nice.  

Membership: You need a credit card or online check.  At this time Gia does not accept 900 sign-ups.  Cost is $19.95 per month.  

Update Frequency: At least once a month.  Generally it is about twice a month.

Update Size: Nice.  Generally around 30+per update (if more than once a month)  pictures and/or a real media video.

Quality of material: Kick ass!  This is all ORIGINAL material!   Very high standard for photographs.  Real media videos are nice, large and long! (just the way I like them!)   

Overall Content: Great!!  The pictures of Gia are hot as hell.  There are 10 layouts of Gia alone!  She just finished a school girl layout.  One of my top fantasies.  Hot grown-up woman in a naughty school girl outfit (the pics with her cock sticking out from under the skirt.... <pant, pant>).  Plus she features such Tgirls as Lea Chase, Gina, Geneva, Sapphire (In a HC layout), Mia and Now Introducing Jizzell!! The Real media clips range from Some of Gia in her Transsexual Beauty Queen movies, a preview movie featuring Gia posing for one of the layouts, Sapphire getting banged from Transsexual Heartbreakers #1 and an audio clip of Gia giving a blowjob to you...

This site also offers a screensaver, online store to purchase videos and stuff, plus a phone sex line...

What would I change?:  I would like some Gia Darling Wallpaper (nude and clothed), larger photos, A Gia layout every month in addition to anything else, Picture of the Day would be cool.  More Real media clips (large and long) of her new movies...The News link is not active yet, nor are all her store categories.  A Gia Diary would be cool...She could give a brief update per month.  Gia as barbwire, Gia as catwoman, Gia as 7 of 9, Gia having mad passionate sex with ME, Gia and Jizzelle having mad passionate sex with ME, Gia and Sapphire having Mad passionate sex with ME... But then - I am greedy!!! :-)

Overall Opinion: Join this site!  This is a great site.  Lots of Gia Darling!  All original Content!  This is one of my Favorite Sites on the Internet!! (Of course I did mention that I am a huge Gia fan....right?)

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Hey!! What about some sample material?

    Glad you are some sample photos from Gia's web page.... used with permission....

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Comments?  Sites you recommend? 

Or are you Gia Darling, desperately searching for me to throw herself at? :-)

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