Foxy Angel

Angel.  She brings new meaning to the term Hard body.  This woman is HOT!  Her name really fits.  She is a goddess!! You could take her home and no one would know, but when the cloths come off -- WHOA BABY!      

Membership: You need a credit card, online check or 900 phone number.  Cost is $19.95 per month.  

Update Frequency: Once a month.  But it is a BIG update!

Update Size: Big!!  It averages out to about 300+ pictures per update!

Quality of material: Great!  Okay, this is all ORIGINAL material!  Angel puts a lot into her site, and it shows.  Pictures are very nice.

Overall Content: Magnificent!!  The last update had 2 solo sets, 3 hardcore sets and 5 new girls.  Each set contains about 30+ pictures.  That works out to about .07 per picture!  And the sets are all very professional.  Angel caters to her fans.  She has done layouts as an Angel, Schoolgirl (one of my favorites), a pirate, etc.  This girl is awesome!! In her last update she did a solo and hardcore layout as Poison Ivy.  Forget Uma, I want Angel!!  If you were looking for a perfect shemale, Angel is it.  Beautiful enough to take home to mom, and 8" of hot girl stick waiting to take you to heaven. 

Angel does a web cam thing periodically.   She offers a chat room, hot stories, diary entries and of course loads of pictures.  

She also offers a set of photos that she will send to you for 20 dollars.  And if you are ever in her area ...  

What would I change?:  Well, I would be dating Angel!  Actually, I would like to see her do some video work, and the pictures could be larger for me (that seems to always be a complaint for me.) I would like some wallpaper sized pictures of her, maybe a monthly column where she shares her thoughts with her fans. 

Overall Opinion: Join this site Today!! One look at Angel and you will be addicted! 

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Hey!! What about some sample material?

   Here are some sample pictures from Angel's  web page.... used with permission....

My Favorite School Girl

Poison Ivy

Lady in Red 

An Angel

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