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Transsexual Pornstars

This is a personal pay site.  Meghan Chavalier and Lori Turner are doing this site on their own.  Lori does all the coding for the webpage, they do their own photography, etc. I originally did not think that this was run by them, until Lori contacted me to set me straight. :-)  

Membership: You need a credit card, online check or 900 phone number.  Cost is $14.95 per month.  

Update Frequency: At least once a month.

Update Size: Pretty good. Generally around 30+ pictures.

Quality of material: Good.  This site has photo sets and Real Media files.  The video files are streaming files, and the picture size is nice.   

Overall Content: Pretty good and getting better.  This site uses ORIGINAL material.  All photographs are for this site alone.  Lori and Meghan have traded picture sets with a few other sites, so you get Lisa Lawrence, Stephanie Williams, Candy Slice and Vida Deville.  Kimberly Divine, Shawna and Olivia Love have graced this site, but the big seller for me is Meghan and Lori themselves.  This site has nice sized pictures, and real media files from their movies (and a few at home).  Lori and Meghan are roommates, so you get to look at some of the fun in their house.  Basically, this is what I would think a real personal fan club site would be like (and is).  If you write the webmaster - you get Lori. 

They also offer their videos for sale. 

What would I change?:  I would increase the picture quality (which has been getting better).  I would have Meghan and Lori do a monthly newsletter, maybe offer some stuff for sale beyond the videos (I do not know, panties, photos, etc.) - and autographed.  I think the personal feel is a good thing for this site, and would like to see it keep that kind of feel.   I think it would be neat to have a site that gives you the feeling that they are wanting you to come on in. 

Overall Opinion: If you are a fan of either Meghan or Lori, join this site.  When you think about it, the pictures are worth at least one month anyway.

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Hey!! What about some sample material?

Here are some sample photos from Transsexual Pornstars .... used with permission....

Meghan Chavalier

Lori Turner

Olivia Love (one of my favorite sets of her)

Shawna as Marylyn Monroe

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