Tonya World

Tonya World.  This is one HARD Body!!  (And I DO mean HARD).  She is very beautiful.  If you ever needed a reason to move to Florida... look no further.  Screw Disney World... I wanna go visit TONYA WORLD!! 

I asked if I could use some pictures for a review - Months ago!!  She was very polite and told me to go ahead.  Then I got swamped with work and fell way behind on my projects.....SO this is very late.  I am very sorry Tonya.     

Membership: You need a credit card, online check or 900 phone number.  Cost is $19.95 per month.  

Update Frequency: Once a month.  But it is a BIG update!

Update Size: Big!!  It averages out to about 300+ pictures per update!

Quality of material: Great!  Okay, this is all ORIGINAL material!  Tonya  puts a lot into her site, and it shows.  Pictures are very nice.  As it turns out - Tonya is the talent scout, layout artist, wardrobe artist, etc. for her site, Foxy Angel and some of Shemale Climax.  Damn!  This is one talented lady.  The cool costumes, etc.  ALL her stuff! 

Overall Content: Magnificent!!  The last update (March) had 1 new set of Tonya (One of the pictures is my wallpaper right now), Three new Action sets and 7 new girls!!!  Each set is at least 30 pictures generally.  that is around 330 pictures on this update alone!!  Tonya has been a school girl (One of My favorite fantasies), Cheerleader (oh yeah!) Ginni (I dream of Tonya!), Mermaid, French Maid, Indian, Cowgirl, Little Girl, Etc.  I love the costumes, etc.!!!  All I can say is .... GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE!!!! 

 Tonya does a web cam thing periodically.   She offers a chat room, hot stories, diary entries and of course loads of pictures.  

She also offers a set of photos that she will send to you for 20 dollars, Magazines that she is in (Including her own magazine - TonyaWorld) Videos and used underwear!!! That is right - you can sniff Tonya's used panties and stockings.  I always thought that was a little bent... but ever since I saw them for sale on her site, I have been thinking about that... sniff... sniff... 

And if you are ever in her area ...  

What would I change?:  Tonya would be my woman!  Okay, I want a Tgirl Harem.  :-)  Really, I would like to see bigger pictures, MORE of her, maybe some wallpaper sized shots (min. 1024x768).  

Overall Opinion: Join this site Today!! Tonya is a goddess!!!! 

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Hey!! What about some sample material?

   Here are some sample pictures from Tonya's  web page.... used with permission....

Cheerleader Tonya

I dream of Tonya

Angel and Tonya 

School Girl Tonya

Biker Tonya (My current wallpaper)

Goddess in Black



School Girl Madison



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